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VC nano 3D Scanner & Smart Camera

3D doesn't have to be expensive!


With the VC nano we offer new options in the field of machine vision: intelligent 3D machine vision also suitable for 2D inspection tasks!


The new VC nano 3D series unite all advantages of VC Smart Cameras: intelligent design and embedded computing in very compact housing. Measuring merely 140 x 70 x 35 mm, its housing includes an intelligent camera and a line laser with a 5 mW performance which enables the real-time recording of images at a scan rate of up to 400 Hz according to the triangulation method.


 The images can be analyzed by the DSP processor of the Smart Camera which has a computing power of 5,600 MIPS. Twelve different camera models cover a wide application range.



Smart Camera VC nano 3D


    Scan rate: up to 400 Hz

    Laser: Class 1, wave length 635 nm, power 5 mW

    Interface: 2 x Input, 4 x Output à 400 mA, 100 Mbit Ethernet

    Processor: high-end DSP

    Supply Voltage: 24 V +/- 20%

    Dimensions: 140 x 70 x 35 mm, ca. 400 gr.


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