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Tordivel Scorpion Vision Software is a powerful, flexible and efficient software tool for industrial vision.


Scorpion provides an advanced 2D and 3D High-Level Image Machine Vision, eliminating the need for programming.

Powerful and Flexible

Enjoy the benefits of an immense and proven toolbox with more than 150 components and tools when creating your innovative machine vision applications.


Compatible with Countless Imaging Components

Scorpion Vision Software® is the perfect companion to Smart cameras, area and linescan cameras with USB,Firewire, Cameralink and GigE interfaces as well as 3D image sensors.


Choose between a small form factor with a smart camera, a standard PC or the power of an industrial PC with Raid and multi-core technology.



Application Flexibility

Scorpion Vision Software® solves tasks within robot vision, label and surface inspection, assembly verification, color identification and gauging.


Scorpion Vision Software® is used in a vast variety of industries; automotive, furniture manufacturing, food and drugs, fisheries, oil, aluminium, robotics, packaging, energy, photovoltaic and more.


Expeditious - Save Time & Money!

Scorpion Vision Software® offers a large reduction in development time and deployment and maintenance cost for machine vision systems. Applications are customised smartly and expeditiously with the flexible user interface and Python scripting.


2D and 3D Robot Inspection

3D Camera System

3D Visualization

2D and 3D Robot Vision

OCR - Barcode Recognition

Photovoltaic Inspection

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