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Get exactly what you need with ISG custom cameras -- optimized for your OEM system, delivered fast.


With more intelligence in the camera, ISG OEM cameras are easier to integrate, deliver superior performance, and reduce your overall system cost.

LightWise OEM Smart Cameras

More intelligence. Better performance. Less money. LightWise customizable smart cameras are the intelligent camera solution for OEMs. LightWise cameras feature compact form factors, high resolution and high performance, along with unmatched programmability and flexibility for OEM vision system designers. ISG puts more intelligence in the camera with on-board processors, FPGAs, image buffers and other features to improve performance and simplify integration.

Lightwise™ Allegro USB 3.0 CMOSIS™ Cameras

The ISG LightWise Allegro USB3 CMOSIS Cameras brings global shutter high frame rate performance at low cost to the imaging world. The camera utilizes the industry standard USB3 Vision interface.

LightWise™ IQ GigE / CoaXpress Area Cameras

    -  TrueSense Imaging KAI series CCD sensors

    -  Resolution from 0.9 MP (1280 x 720) to 29 MP (6576 x 4384)

    -  CoaXpress and dual GigE Vision interfaces

    -  On-board Linux processor and FPGAs for custom algorithms and signal processing

    -  NTSC composite video input

    -  Two USB2 ports, opto-isolated triggers and strobes

    -  Cannon-compatible EF-mount with electronic control of aperture (IRIS) and focus

    -  24V DC input

    -  Compact size

MODEL Image Horiz Vert Pixel Size Frame Rate
  Sensor Pixels Pixels (um) Frame/sec
LW-IQ-KAI-08050 KAI-08050 CCD 3296 2472 5.5 16
LW-IQ-KAI-16070 KAI-16070 CCD 4872 3248 7.4 8
LW-IQ-KAI-29050 KAI-29050 CCD 6576 4384 5.5 4
MODEL Image Horiz Vert Pixel Size Frame Rate
  Sensor Pixels Pixels (um) Frame/sec
Allegro 1080p ASO260 1920 1080 1.4 30
Allegro CMV-2000 CMV-2000 2048 1088 5.5 150
Allegro CMV-4000 CMV4000 2048 2048 5.5 75
Allegro CMV-12000 CMV-12000 4096 3072 5.5 140/300
Allegro KAI-01050 KAI-01050 1024 1024 5.5 120
Allegro KAI-01150 KAI-01150 1280 720 5.5 138
Allegro KAI-02050 KAI-02050 1600 1200 5.5 68
Allegro KAI-02150 KAI-02150 1980 1080 5.5 64

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