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We can review your inspection requirement, and propose a solution using either a Smart Camera, or a stand-alone camera coupled to a computer system with Image Processing Software. We will also implement the optimal optics and lighting solution. This option is useful if your organization does not have the human resources needed for design and implementation of a machine vision solution.


This service is normally provided free-of-charge by Rochester Imaging Technology.  However, we can also assist with Government or Commercial RFQ or Proposal documents on a contract basis. Our staff has extensive experience in matching the needs of an imaging application to a concise technical requirements document, particularly for Government Applications.


This is particularly useful for high-speed imaginmg systems. We normally specify the components for a customer to build a streaming video recording and playback solution, free-of-charge.  If you prefer a pre-built turnkey solution, we can quote for your landed solution.




The most cost-effective and expedient path for an imaging solution is to use off-the-shelf components. However, some applications may require features, performance, or form-fit beyond what is currently available on the market. This approach may be particularly useful for OEM equipment applications that have limited physical space, or for OEM products that may benefit by off-loading some system tasks to the camera electronics.  We will thoroughly survey the market to find a camera for your unique appliaction first, then lead you down the path of a custom camera if warranted. Our staff has extensive experience in camera design.



Our optics suppliers can provide custom solutions when needed.  We are located in the heart of the Finger Lakes Region of New York; an area with extensive optics design and manufacturing resources.  This provides  the customer with a strong logistics advantage in working with RITC for custom optics applications.



Our lighting suppliers provide wide product lines that will meet the needs of most imaging applications. On a rare occasion, however,  custom lighting components might be needed to meet the needs of a unique application, or to meet the form-fit or budget requirements to integrate illumination into an OEM product. We have extensive experience in the illumination field, and will work with the lighting manufacturers to devise a custom lighting solution - but only after an extensive search of the existing lighting market in the context of the needs of your application.


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