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Opto-Engineering PolyView lenses provide 8 different views of the side and top surfaces of an object.


A wide perspective angle (45°) makes these components suitable for the inspection of the side features of an object (i.e. the threads of a screw or a nut) otherwise impossible to image with a single camera.


Both the external walls of an object and its top can be imaged at once.


Internal surfaces of holed objects can be completely inspected from the outside.


Imaging the inner walls and the bottom of a cavity is also possible, as well as achieving a combined view of the internal and external surfaces of an object.


In addition to these unique features, PolyView Optics also grant a very high image resolution and excellent image brightness.





    - Just one camera: no need for multiple cameras placed around and over the object

    - Wide viewing angle: 45° object sides view makes visible features hidden when viewed from top

    - Complete surface inspection: both inner and outer object surfaces can be imaged with one shot

    - Very High Resolution: even the tiniest defects can be detected




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