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PERICENTRIC LENSES are an exclusive product developed by OPTO ENGINEERING® to enable 3D peripheral vision of objects without the aid of mirrors.


By means of this unique optical design, just one camera shot is enough to capture the top and side views of an object.


The name “pericentric” is because of the specific path of the light rays: the aperture pupil is seen from object space as if it was moving around the peripheral zone of the front optical group.



    - Just one camera: no need for multiple cameras placed around and over the object

    - Fast image analysis: no image matching software is needed as the picture is not segmented

    - Single point of view: no perspective effects typical of multi-image systems

    - Smooth on-line integration: inspected parts pass unobstacled in the free space below the lens


Pericentric Lens looking downward at a soda can

Resulting image of the soda can to the left.

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