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Large Detector TC Lenses


TC4M and TC2M lenses are Bi-Telecentric Lenses designed for detectors larger than 2/3".


TC4M lenses cover up to 21.5 mm and are therefore suitable for 1.2'' images and 2048x2048 (4Mpix) KAI detectors.


TC2M lenses cover up to 1" (16 mm diagonal) detectors.


In order to help the selection, some of the most commonly used large Image Sensors  used in Industrial Cameras are listed in the chart to the right.


Select the lens that best suits your application by choosing the column where the right Image Sensor Optical Format  is listed, then scroll down the table until you find the field of view best matching your needs.


If the image sensor in your camera does not fit one of the standard optical formats, simply use the magnification column to calculate the resulting field of view.


All the lenses listed below can be equipped with a C or F-mount interface (ordering code: "P/N"+"/" for F-mount and "P/N"+"/C" for C-mount, e.g. TC4M64/F for an F-mount TC4M64 lens)

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