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VX Series - Aerial Imaging/Surveillance Camera

The VX Series is ideal for Aerial Imaging and Surveillance applications which require Photgraphic Quailty

resolution and easy-to-use system integration.


The VX-29MG camera incorporates a 29 million pixel interline transfer CCD with resolution of 6,576 × 4,384. Taking pictures with this camera is made easy with features such as: auto exposure, auto gain, auto focus, lens aperature control, and several innovative feature to manage network bandwidth when connecting multiple cameras together on a gigabit ethernetnetwork.



Airborne Imaging, Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV), Wide Field of View High Resolution Surveillance



    -  Auto Exposure, Auto Gain, Auto Iris Controls

    -  Auto Focus

    -  Birger Mount Control (Canon EF Lens)

    -  User Adjustable BFL

    -  Field Upgradable Firmware

    -  Pixel Defect Correction

    -  Excellent anti-blooming and anti-smear


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