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VP Series - Thermoelectric Cooled Camera

VP Series cameras are thermoelectric Peltier (TEC) cooled high performance digital cameras. These cameras use cooling technology developed for, and used by, many demanding medical market customers. The TEC maintains the operating temperature of the CCD at up to 20 degrees below ambient temperature. These cameras provide a stable operating condition or the ability to expose for a long period of time to increase camera sensitivity. These cameras are ideal for industrial applications such as FPD inspection and microscopy.



Airborne Imaging, Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV), Wide Field of View High Resolution Surveillance



    -  Thermoelectric Peltier Cooled

    -  20 degrees below ambient temperature

    -  Progressive Scan Interline Transfer CCD Imager

    -  Flat Field Correction

    -  Field Upgradable Firmware

    -  Pixel Defect Correction



High Bandwidth Cameralink Interface
Model Horizontal Pixels Vertical Pixels MegaPixels Frame Rate  frames/sec Optical Format Sensor Pixel Size Datasheet
VP-8MC-M/C 16 3296 2472 8 16.3 4/3" Truesense Imaging KAI-08050 5.5×5.5 .pdf
VP-16MC-M/C 4 4872 3248 16 4.2 35 mm Truesense Imaging KAI-16000 7.4×7.4 .pdf
VP-29MC-M/C 5 6576 4384 29 5 35 mm Truesense Imaging KAI-29050 5.5×5.5 .pdf

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