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Tactical Imaging Systems - Unattended Ground Sensor (UGS)

MultiSpectral SWIR Smart Camera

Unattended ground sensors (UGS) are a critical component in covert perimeter defense, surveillance, target acquisition, situational awareness, and early warning detection systems.


The FluxData UGS-X1 unattended ground imaging sensor is a low power, compact surveillance node that provides image processing and integration of non-image data in real-time.


The platform is ideal for enhancing situational awareness and decision making in covert land and air operations where its spectral characteristics can be tuned for image based detection and tracking of discreetly marked or actively designated targets.


The UGS-X1 can be integrated with a wide array of sensors types, including infrared, acoustic, seismic and magnetic.


FluxData can provide custom application development and further integration with 3rd party communications, additional sensors and existing surveillance networks.


The physical packaging, image sensor and spectral configuration of the UGS-X1 can be further customized to meet user requirements.



     - Onboard ARM processor w/ TI DSP and SGX Graphics Accelerator for real-time

             tracking & detection

    - 1.4MP (1296 x 964) Visible or 640 x 512 NIR/SWIR Image Sensor for day/night operation

    - Multispectral filtering options customizable for specific CON-OPS (taggants, laserdesignators, etc)

    - Easily integrates with wide range of existing sensors

    - Composite output of live or processed video for remote transmission and monitoring

    - Onboard and removable (microSD) storage for on demand retrieval

    - Low power consumption for extended deployment

    - Standard C/CS lens mount to interface with a wide range of COTS lenses

    - Compact and rugged enclosure

UGS Unattended Ground Sensor

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