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StreamPix Remote

Provides advanced remote management of high speed video recording systems



    - Remotely view StreamPix 5 images (live feed or playback).

    - Remote control over the main features of StreamPix 5.

    - Create new remote sessions based on computer name or IP address and StreamPix 5 workspace name.

    - Show real-time per computer and per workspace status information.

    - File history available for better video shoot management.

    - Efficient CPU usage and network traffic monitoring.

    - Ability to send notifications to a 3rd-party application via UDP protocol.

    - Remotely control camera settings and adjustments (for simultaneous control cameras must be identical).

    - Support for Vicon Blade messaging protocole.

    - Operate via wired LAN or Wifi network.



Your application requires the capturing of 8 sequences simultaneously from 8 different cameras at the same time.


Because of the camera used, the required bandwidth implies the use of 2 different computers, one for each group of 4 cameras. Hence 2 computers are required with one copy of StreamPix per computer.


StreamPix Remote can operate on any of the 2 computers that are running StreamPix or any other computer on the network (LAN or Wifi).


Any operation such as "start recording" performed on the StreamPix Remote will automatically start recording on each of the 2 copies of StreamPix simultaneously for all 8 cameras.


StreamPix Remote gives you the flexibility to remotely control each camera workspace indivudually.



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