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Real-time Multispectral Systems

For demanding real-time applications FluxData has created an integrated multispectral imaging system, combining the optical subassembly utilized in the FD-1665 with a PC/104 computer. The camera can be specified as in the past with custom filters as well as selecting from a range of sensor options. The addition of an embedded computer creates a dynamic, flexible, and powerful multispectral system to solve problems across many application areas.



The FD-1665 PC/104 adds to the utility of the tethered FD-1665, with an embedded computer the system adds the flexiibility of providing answers rather than just data at the point of capture. Problems such as target detection whether it’s a defense-related or machine vision can be accelerated as processing can now be on-board the system itself. This also reduces the amount data that would need to be streamed to a central location.


An added value of deploying a number these systems is that they include a powerful computer. These systems can be used in peer-to-peer configurations where they interact directly with the other systems and assets being used to solve a common problem whether it is target detection, surveillance or something else.






Another possible application is to pair systems, where one has a wide field of view to detect targets, and the other is a high resolution/zoom system. There are many possible applications like this where the cameras interact with and que each other, or share resources to process common data.





    - Choose among 7 sensor types of varying resolutions and frame rates

    - Custom filter options

    - Polarization camera

    - Standard F-mount or T-mount lens accepting 14-1500mm lenses


PC/104 Computer


    - Intel Quad Core i7 Processor

    - Bulkhead access to a full suite of standard PC connections including eSATA, USB2.0, LAN, VGA and HDMI

    - Windows or Linux Based OS

    - PCI Express expansion cards available

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