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The FD-1665 3CCD Camera can be configured for polarimetric imaging. Polarimetric or polarization imaging is an active research area in medical,machine vision and defense applications.


Because the polarimetric preserving and/or inducing properties of materials are often complementary to their spectral signatures, polarization provides additional information to analysts and researchers. Polarization imaging has been used to identify stress and defects in aircraft assemblies; “see” into the water column in littoral and marine applications, such as oil spill detection; separate specular from diffuse reflectance for material analysis and identification; and automatically detect manmade objects in natural surroundings.

The filters can be oriented per customer specification. Commonly, the filters are oriented at 0, 45, and 90 degrees or three equal angular spacing and cover the spectral range 380-1000nm. The FD-1665P polarization camera can be configured with either color or monochrome sensors for each channel.


The prisms of the FD-1665P optical assembly are fabricated with neutral, non-polarizing beam splitter coatings. The first coating surface reflects 30% of the light and transmits 70%. The second coating provides a 50% transmittance and 50% reflectance. This combination results in splitting the incoming broadband light into three components with equal spectral and spatial content. Linear polarization trim filters with >99% polarization efficiency and contrast ratio of up to 3000:1 are placed in front of each sensor.


Polarimetric Imaging

 Polarization Configuration Options


FD-1665P-C: Color Bayer CCDs with 0, 45, 90 or 0, 60, 120 linear polarizer

FD-1665P-M: Monochrome CCDs with 0, 45, 90 or 0, 60, 120 linear polarizer

FD-1665P-NIR: Near Infrared Monochrome (700nm-1000nm) CCD with 0, 45, 90 linear polarizer

FD-1665P-Custom: Custom linear orientations or spectral polarimetric options


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