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SWIR InGaAs Multispectral and Polarimetric cameras

 The FluxData FD-3SWIR camera offers three InGaAs sensors fitted with customer specified optical filters to simultaneously capture sub-pixel aligned video through a single aperture lens. FluxData has chosen Goodrich’s Sensors Unlimited , the industry leader in SWIR sensors, as a partner in this product.  The Goodrich SUI C-Platform camera features 640 x 512 pixel resolution with a 15-micron pitch. The Camera Link® digital output offers plug-and play connectivity, 12-bit imagery for viewing, digital processing and/or transmission. The uncooled SWIR detector images in real-time video (30Hz). It operates without temperature stabilization using non-uniformity corrections (NUC) parameterized over temperatures. It also provides on-board automatic gain control (AGC).


Goodrich’s SWIR C-platform model operates from 0.9 to 1.7 micron spectral range; the optional near infra-red (NIR) camera model extends the spectral response to include the range from 0.7 to 1.7 microns. The camera operates in a wide temperature range from -35 degrees C to +71 degrees C. The FD-3SWIR has a total power consumption of 4.5W.


The flexibility of FluxData’s multi-sensor system along with the small size of the C-platform allows for a multitude of new spectral and polarimetric configurations for various applications, con-ops and payloads.




3xSWIR (FD-3SWIR) : Single lens, simultaneous synchronized video capture of any three discrete spectral wavelength bands between 700-1700nm using three InGaAs sensors.


Visible+NIR+SWIR (FD-VNS):  Single lens, simultaneous synchronized video capture of mono or RGB Visible (400-700nm), Near Infrared (700-1000nm) and Short Wave Infrared (900-1700nm) using two CCDs and one InGaAs sensor.


Visible+2xSWIR (FD-V2SWIR): Single lens, simultaneous synchronized video capture of mono or RGB Visible, and any two SWIR wavelengths (700-1700nm).


Polar-SWIR (FD-PolSWIR):  Single lens, simultaneous synchronized video at 0/45/90 or 0/60/120 degree linear polarization configurations.


Custom:  Any combination of CCD or InGaAs sensor, with any spectral wavelength filter or linear polarizer.


NOTE: FluxData and Goodrich area cameras and associated technical data are subject to the controls of the International Traffic In Arms Regulations (ITAR). Export, re-export or transfer of these items by any means to a foreign person or entity, whether in the US or abroad, without appropriate US State Department authorization, is prohibited and may result in substantial penalties.

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