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AVStreamer Module

Add Web Streaming Capabilities to your StreamPix DVR Station





    - Broadcast live compressed video captured with Streampix 5 over a network or the internet.

    - Supports any Windows Media Codec.

    - Dramatically reduce the network bandwidth usage.

    - Audio/Video Streamer Module can be configured 2 ways:

    - Live stream pulled by Media Player from the StreamPix 5 DVR station.

    - Live Stream can be pushed to a Windows Media Server to allow simultaneously multicast or unicast distribution.

    - In addition to live streams, the module can also be used to simultaneously create digital video files for later viewing or archive purposes.

    - Compatible with Windows XP or later operating system, makes use of the latest Windows Media codecs and Media Player release.

    - Both video and audio Windows Media formats are available.

    - Different codecs allow for variety of available frame rates and audio encoding.

    - Accepts video input from any StreamPix 5 compatible video camera.

    - Manage digital video feeds from a single interface.



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