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The TCSM Series is a unique family of bi-telecentric lenses for extremely accurate 3D dimensional measurement systems.


All TCSM lenses are equipped with a high-precision Scheimpflug adjustment mechanism that suits any type of C-mount camera. Besides achieving very good focus at wide tilt angles, bi-telecentricity also yields incredibly low distortion.


Images are linearly compressed only in one direction, thus making 3D-reconstruction very easy and exceptionally accurate.


The available magnifications range from 0.5x to 0.1x while the angle of view reaches 30° - 45° to meet the measurement needs of triangulation-based techniques.

The Scheimpflug mount is pivoted around the detector plane to ensure excellent pointing stability and ease of focus.




    -  Scheimpflug tilt adjustment


    -  No other lens can perform oblique measurements


    -  Image is radially undistorted


    -  Linear extension can be perfectly calibrated


    -  Compatible with all C-mount camera



Without tilt adjustment, the object is

not homogeneously focused

At the Scheimpflug angle, the image

becomes homogeneously sharp

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